Fruit and Vegetable Plants

Fruit and Vegetable Plants

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Fruit and Vegetable Plants

Container Size Code
A=1204, 12 cells per tray 4 plants per cell or 48 plants
B=small pot 1 plant per pot, 12 pots per tray
C=medium pot 1 plant per pot, 10 pots per tray
D=large pot 1 plant per pot, 8 pots per tray
F=super pot 1 plant per pot, 6 pots per tray
G=jumbo pot with 3-4 plants per pot, except large plants then only one plant
 Jersey Giant A  Autumn Bliss G
 Jersey Knight A  Heritage G
 Purple Passion A  Fall Gold G
 North Country G  Canada Red D,G
 Pac Man A,B  Acorn-Table King A,B
 Jade Cross A,B  Butternut-Waltham A,B
CABBAGE  Zucchini-Super Select A,B
 Ruby Perfection A,B STRAWBERRIES
 Stonehead A,B  Annapolis A
CUCCUMBER  Bright Lites A
 Cross County A,B TOMATOES
 Straight 8 A,B  Beefmaster A,B,D
 Suyo Long A,B  Better Boy A,B,D,G
 Black Beauty A,B  Big Boy A,B,D,G
 Dusky A,B  Brandywine A,B
 Pixwell G  Celebrity A,B,D,G
GRAPES  Early Girl A,B
Concord G  Husky Gold A,B,G
Concord Seedless G  Jet Star A,B
Canadice Seedless G  LaRoma Red A,B
KOHLRABI  Moby Grape A,B,G
 Grand Duke A,B  Patio A,B
MELONS  Sun Sugar A,B
 Muskmelon-Earlisweet A,B  Super Sweet 100 A,B,D,G
 Watermelon-Sugerbaby A,B  Viva Italia A,B
PEPPERS  Wisconsin 55 A,B
 Bell Boy A,B,D,G
 Blushing Beauty A,B,G
 Chocolate Beauty A,B
 Fooled You A,B,D
 Giant Marconi A,B,D
 Golden Bell A,B,D,G
 Lady Bell A,B.D,G
 Mandarin Orange A,B
 Cayenne Super II A,B,D
 Habenero A,B
 Hungarian Hot Yellow A,B,D
 Jalapeno A,B
 Super Chili A,B
 Sweet Banana Supreme A,B,D

Berry Gardening

Posted July 24, 2018

    BLUEBERRIES: Blueberries have many healthful properties and for this reason they have been increasing in popularity in home gardens. Many people have been hesitant to grow them because of the requirement for the soil to be acidic. However, with the development of the Bushel and Berry series of compact plants that can be grown in containers, growing blueberries is now easier. Blueberries in the Garden: Blueberries grow best in moist, well-drained soils, high in organic matter. They cannot tolerate “wet feet”, so be sure that the location is in a well-draining site. The soil pH must be between […]


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