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Annual Plants

Check out this detailed list of our annuals in Plant Finder. There may be plants we grow that are not listed in Plant Finder. We are working to make the listing complete, but if you want to be sure then give us a call!rotection for Annuals

We do our best to provide you “hardened off” plants.  However, some things are susceptible to damage when the temperatures get below 30°F.  The following is a list of those plants which should be covered when the forecast is calling for cold.  You can cover with a sheet, light landscape cloth, frost blanket, or bring them into a sheltered location.


Perennial Plants Susceptible To Freezing Temperatures


Amsonia Hosta Warm Season Grasses
Anemone japonica types Houttuynia           Miscanthus
Aruncus Lavandula           Schizacharium
Asparagus Macleaya           Pennisetum
Astilbe Parthenocissus           Sporobolus
Digitalis Perovskia  
Eupatorium Platycodon  
Ferns Rodgersia  


BE PREPARED TO PROTECT OUR PLANTS! Pansies, Dianthus, Dusty Miller,Snapdragons, and perennials and bulbs that are coming up should be fine with temperatures to 28 degrees.

Looking at the weather forecast, it looks like there could be frost in many surrounding areas. And whether your yard receives a frost will depend on your location, and even more specific, whether the area is protected by the house, overhead structures, trees, or even sidewalks and driveways.

Nevertheless, do be aware that the chance of frost is there, and tender foliage, tropical plants, annuals, etc. would be susceptible to frost damages. 

For tender plants growing in containers, move inside the garage, unheated porch, or inside the home. Even under a large overhang helps to protect the plants in some situations. Tender plants include annuals, vegetables (not the greens and root crops), tropical plants, etc. 

For tender plants already in the ground, watering the soil during the day can help as well as considering covering with grow covers, light sheets ‘tented’ over the plants, or by using upside down pots, cardboard boxes, glass jars, milk jugs or just about any solid structure, as well as tomato cages wrapped in protective covering, etc. Do not lay plastic over plants as a cover. The only way to use plastic is if you can create a greenhouse over the plants, using the plastic as the outer covering (not touching the plants). And be cautious laying any material directly on plants, as rain or snow could weigh down the material and cause physical damages to the plants. ‘Tenting’ is your best bet. 

For light frosts, where you can’t cover, you may try hosing off your plants in the morning before the sun comes up. This has varying results, but worth the try with light frosts. 

Again, whether your area will have frost depends on each location. Watch the weather forecasts, and watch the thermometer to see if the temps dip below 40 degrees. And if you’re not sure whether to cover tender annuals and other tender plants; when in doubt, cover. (If you have basil outdoors, it is very cold tender!)


Spacing and Plant Characteristics


Annuals Kinds Colors Baskets Spacing (inches) Maintenance Height (inches) Light Moisture Temperature Hardiness
Ageratum 2 3+ n 5-7 low 4-6 s, psh a-m a hh
Alyssum 2 3+ n 6-12 low 6-8 s, psh a a vh
Amaranthus 3 2+ n 15-18 med 18-36 s d h hh
Aspragus Fern 1 1 y 8-12 low 15-19 psh, sh a a t
2 5+ y 7-9 low 6-12 s, psh, sh a a hh
Susan Vine
1 2+ y 12-15 med vine s, psh m a hh
Browallia 1 2+ y 8-10 low 10-15 sh m c hh
Caladiums 1 5+ n 10-12 low 12-16 s m any vh
Calendula 1 2+ n 8-10 high 10-12 s m any vh
Canna 2 3+ n 9-24 med 18-48 s m a t
2 3+ n 8-12 med 6-16 s d h t
2 2+ n 6-8 low 6-15 s d h t
Chenille 1 1 y 8-12 med 5-6 psh m a t
Cleome 1 3+ n 12-18 low 24-36 s d a hh
Coleus 2 5+ y 8-10 low 10-24 sh, psh a sa-h t
Cosmos 2 3+ n 16-18 med 18-30 s a-d a hh
2 5+ n 8-10 high 8-15 s, psh m a t
Dianthus 3 5+ y 7-9 low 6-10 s, psh a c vh
Diascia 1 2+ y 8-12 low 8-12 s, psh a a-h t
1 1 n 10-12 low 12-18 s, psh, sh a-d a h
Dusty Miller 3 1 n 6-8 low 8-10 s, psh d h vh
Evolvulus 2 2+ y 10-12 low 5-6 s d h t
2 2+ n 15-18 low 15-18 s m c vh
Flowering Kale 2 2+ n 15-18 low 15-18 s m c vh
Fuchsia 3 9+ y 8-10 high 12-48 sh m c t
Gaillardia 2 2+ n 8-15 med 10-18 s, lsh m h h
Gazania 2 5+ n 8-10 high 6-10 s d h hh
Seed Geraniums 2 5+ y 12-15 low 10-15 s m a hh
1 5+ y 12-16 high 12-18 s, psh m a hh
Ivy Geraniums 2 3+ y 10-12 med 24 lsh, psh m c hh
1 5+ y 12-16 low 10-15 s m h hh
1 3+ y 12-16 low 12-18 s m a hh
Gomphrena 2 3+ n 10-15 med 9-30 s d h h
Heliotrope 2 2+ n 10-12 low 12-16 s a a t
Herbs many na y many na na na na na na
Heather 2 2+ y 10-12 low 8-12 s a a t
Hypoestes 2 3+ y 6-10 low 8-12 psh a a t
Hybiscus 2 2+ y 24-30 med 48-60 s m a hh
Impatiens 1 9+ y 8-10 low 6-18 psh, lsh m a t
1 3+ y 8-10 low 6-18 psh, lsh m a t
New Giunea
1 5+ y 10-12 med 10-12 psh, lsh m a t
Seed New
Guinea Impatiens
1 3+ n 10-12 med 10-12 psh, lsh m a t
Lantana 1 3+ y 8-10 med 10-12 s a a t
Lisianthus 1 3+ n 6-12 high 6-18 s d h t
Lobelia 1 3+ n 8-10 low 3-5 s, psh m c hh
Mandavila 1 2+ y 10-12 low vine s d h t
1 2+ n 12-15 high 12-30 s a a hh
3 3+ n 3-6 med 5-10 s a a hh
1 3+ n 6-8 low 8-12 s a h hh
Melampodium 1 2+ n 6-8 low 8-14 s d h t
Monkey Flower 1 3+ n 5-7 low 6-8 psh a h hh
Moss Rose 2 5+ y 6-8 low 4-6 s d h t
Nicotiana 2 3+ n 8-10 low 12-15 s m a-h hh
Nieremburgia 1 3+ n 6-8 low 4-8 s, lsh d h t
Pansy 1 9+ y 6-8 med 4-8 s m c vh
2 9+ n 10-12 med 6-12 s m a hh
2 9+ y 6-12 low 10-12 s m a hh
2 5+ y 10-12 low 10-12 s d h h
Salvia 3 4+ n 6-8 low 12-24 s, lsh a-m a-h hh
Scaevola 2 2+ y 10-12 low 5-8 s d h t
Snap Dragon 1 5+ n 6-8 med 6-24 s a c vh
Spider Plants 1 3+ y 12-14 low 36-60 psh, sh a a hh
Streptocarpus 2 3+ y 6-12 high 8-12 sh a c t
Bridal Viel
1 1 y 10-12 low 4-6 psh, sh a a t
Tomatoes 3 3 n 12-18 low 12-60 s a a t
Torenia 1 3+ n 6-10 med 8-12 psh a a t
Vegetables na na n many na na na na na na
Verbena 2 3+ n 5-7 med 6-8 s a h t
Vinca 1 3+ n 6-8 low 12-14 s d h t
Vinca White 1 1 n 6-12 low vine s, psh a a h
2 5+ y 8-12 low vine sh a a t
Zinnia 1 5+ n 4-10 high 4-36 s a a-h t



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