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        Home Page>  2005 Newsletters with help from Ron Wilson at Natorp's   Garden Center in Ohio. 

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Week One Easter Eggs - Easter Flowers - Dividing Perennials

Week Two Ornamental Grass Pruning - How to do Containers

Week Three Salad Bowls, Herbal Teas, Questions

Week Four  Roses Questions Crabapples mowing

Week Five Cold Temperatures, Potatoes, Deer, Manicotti, Bulbs Lavender

Week Six Butterfly bushes, holly, lawn mowing, Daffodils, Tuscan Peasant soup

Week Seven Growing potatoes in a bushel basket Mail bag questions

Week Eight Red Fountain Grass What is 1 inch of water? Herb containers Pizza

Week Nine Knock out Roses Chickweed Wonderful recipes Growing Plants upside down

Week Ten Memorial Day Weekend Family Reunion Salad Japanese Tree Lilac

Week Eleven Dog Vomit? check this out  Moles Cucumber Salad

Week Twelve Divide Daylilies, Mosquitoes, Herb Container Gardening, Articoke Chicken

Week Thirteen Peonies, Lawn Grubs, Bag Worms, Spittle Bug, German Potato Salad

Week Fourteen Deer or something else, Roses, Dry weather and Watering

Week Fifteen Watering Squash Borer Gardening with Bales

Week Sixteen Deadheading Plants, Blossom End Rot on Tomatoes, Sports Nutrition

Week Seventeen What is that Roadside blue flower Zucchini Zucchini Zucchini

Week Eighteen Crab apples, Yucca Plants, Iris, Stella d ore

Week Nineteen Cabbage Worms, Three types of Hibiscus, Evergreen Care

Week Twenty Pruning tips, Why wash bugs off with a hose, Blackberry Cobbler

Week Twenty One Everything you wanted to know about sunflowers, Racoons

Week Twenty Two Freezer Pesto The social Bees and Wasps that are going crazy right now.

Week Twenty Three  Time To care for the lawn and what to do for roses, shrubs and Trees at this time of the year.

Week Twenty Four  Four Water Spider Webs Fall magic Blueberries from Rita

Week Twenty Five Reason's Why fall is the best time to plant. Rita's Salsa

Week Twenty Six Crickets, Spaghetti Squash from Rita, Lawn  weed killers

Week Twenty Seven Rita's Vegetable Soup

Week Twenty Eight Can I still seed my lawn, Chinese Pepper Steak, Planting Bulbs

Week Twenty Nine Rita's shortbread  Still time to fertilize lawn

Week Thirty Storing Cannas and Dahlias, All You wanted to Know about Pumpkins, Rita's Halloween Snack Mix, Amaryllis and Paperwhite bulbs for Christmas

Week Thirty one  Sodding, Deer Damage, Evergreen Protection, Herb Roasted Chicked, Bird Feeding Tips

Week Thirty Two  Rita's Baking for animal treats, Tree Planting

Week Thirty Three  Wooly Worms and Winter Predictions, Winterizing Roses, Gourds, Grazed Turkey Breast

Week Thirty Four  Tree Roses, Calories How to Burn Them, Rit'a s Cheesecake, Winterizing Checklist

Week Thirty Five How to choose and care for a Christmas Tree, Granola, History of Poinsettia