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Week 1 (3/7/04)


Weíre back! Itís time to kick off the 2004 gardening newsletter season!


"Ladies and Gentlemen, start your gardening engines!"


Warmer temperatures have us all itching to get out and start gardening. Yes, there are things you can be doing, but please remember itís still the first week of March. Plan before you plant, and nowís a great time to plan.


The average housefly lives for about one month.


WHATíS BUGGINí YOU? Ė Now is a great time for dormant spraying, whether itís using horticultural oils, or lime sulfur, or both, for over wintering insect and disease control. (Mid 40ís or higher for 8 hours is perfect.) If youíve been spraying deer repellents, the same applies here. Walk around the yard and look for any bagworms that may be hanging around. Pull them off and destroy them before the eggs have a chance to hatch late May.


Apples are as efficient (if not more) than caffeine at waking you up in the morning.


QUESTION MARK & THE MYSTERIANS Ė Here are a few gardening questions from this weekís emailed news bag:


"Is it too early to apply a pre-emergent to my beds and lawn?" -As far as Iím concerned it is! The longer you can wait, the longer it lasts into the season, and nothings happening right now! When the forsythia are in bloom, have at it. Oh yeah, do remember these pre emergent herbicides are not interchangeable meaning one is labeled for the beds, and one is labeled for the lawn. 2 types to use! And oh yeah, if you dormant seeded grass, be sure to use the pre emergent which can be used with new seed. If you have a lawn care company that takes care of your lawn, tell them you dormant seeded, so they can use the right pre emergent. Otherwise, theyíll stop that crabgrass and your new grass seed from growing!


"Can I start cutting back my roses?" -Nope! Just wait; itís way too early to mess with the roses!


"I want to start seeds indoors this year. When do I start?" -Great question, as most folks start too early, and wind up having plants too tall and lanky as theyíre ready to plant before the weather is ready for you to plant. Read the back of the seed packs. It will tell you how long it takes for the seeds to germinate, and how long until they can be transplanted outdoors. Add up that time, and count back from May 15th (unless your growing Cole crops). Thatís when you start. Better late, than too early.


"My tulip and daffs are coming up! What should I do?" -Enjoy them. Itís very normal for them to be coming up now. And, if it gets cold, theyíre fine. Once the foliage begins growing, it typically takes 3 weeks or more before the flower buds show up. So, donít worry, be happy. By the way, for those of you who planted them in pots, you can bring them indoors and let them grow on, or leave them outside, or whatever you chose. If youíve over wintered them in the garage and theyíre starting to pop up, Iíd be looking to move them outdoors (rather than staying in the garage) where itís cooler, and then do as you plan with them later. Be sure to feed those potted bulbs. A good shot of Miracle Gro early, and then good feedings after flowering would be great!


"Should I start wrapping the tree trunks with aluminum foil for the cicadas coming out this spring?" -Say what? Uh, no, donít do that. Weíll talk more about the 2004 invasion of Brood X cicadas a little later. For right now, donít worry be happy.


Your feet are bigger in the afternoon than any other time of the day.


The first Harley Davidson motorcycle built in 1903 used a tomato can for a carburetor.


Thatís it. Hey, itís great to be back. That means spring is right around the corner! Now, do yourself a favor. Go out and have the best week of your life. See ya. Ed


Americas Best Flowers is getting set and ready to go for the spring. Stop by and check out all the new things for 2004. Pansies will be ready April17th for planting.