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Ed and Carol are traveling across the country looking for the newest and best flowers for next year so I’ll be filling in at the keyboard

for the next couple weeks. 


With the hot days of August just around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to cover wonderful plants that work well in shade.


Most people are familiar with hostas for shade.  They are available in a huge array of sizes, from varieties that mature at 12 inches tall to huge 3 feet tall by 5 feet diameter.  Leaf color ranges from bluish green, to yellows, to whites and a host of variegated varieties. They are also easy to grow making them an exciting. part of any shade bed. 


A lesser known but stunning plant is Cimicifuga, or snakeroot.  We have a gorgeous dark leafed variety that gets a delicately scented white flower stalk on it in late summer.  Although it is somewhat of a slower grower, it eventually reaches a height of about 5 feet.   


Astilbes have a nice feathery plume flower that is available in various shades of whites, pinks and reds.  One of the nice things about astilbes is that they can be put into either formal designs or more of a natural design making it easy to utilize.


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