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Shhhhhh… very, very quiet.  Mum’s the word!

It’s hard to believe that its time to discuss fall blooming mums already! But September is only a couple of weeks away and that means cooler weather isn’t far behind.  The spring and summer flowers will be completing their showy splendor and it’s a great time to renew your outdoor décor. There are a number of exciting flowers that thrive in the cooler temperatures of autumn and there is plenty of time to enjoy them.


Mums are an excellent way to provide fresh color outdoors for fall.  They are available in a wide variety of colors, flower types, and also bloom times making it easy to find the right one.  Our mums are grown in HUGE 2 gallon pots in our mum field.  By growing them outside, they become accustomed to the harsh Wisconsin conditions resulting in a compact, higher quality, longer lasting plant.  We also have over 20 separate varieties and colors to choose from. It is certainly possible to have blooming flowers into November… depending on the weather.


Don’t limit mums to your flower beds either.  Change over your summer containers to a fall flavored design.  Along with mums adding some pansies, dianthus, red fountain grass, or dark leaf alternathera makes a hardy and exciting focal point for those Saturday afternoon football parties. The fall season is a truly exciting time plant-wise!


Make it a point to come out this weekend with the entire family for our Customer Appreciation Weekend.  You can look over all the different mums (some are starting to flower already!)  and help yourself to some corn on the cob, popcorn or some other goodies.  It’s a nice time to come out and just enjoy the plants.