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I want to talk today about a wonderful plant called Penta.  These annuals come from seed.  There has been a lot of breeding work the last few years to get better hybrids and clean out the viruses from the crop.  The plants originate from Eastern Africa – Arabia.  Penta lanceolata or Egyptian star cluster is the Latin name.  It is related to the coffee plant.  Butterflies love them so they are included in a lot of butterfly gardens.


The seed variety called New Look is a smaller growing variety for the garden.  We grow the series called Butterfly. It is designed for gardens and pots.  It is a much stronger grower and has much better size than the New Look series.  These hold up well in the heat of summer and come in a number of colors.  The plant has beautiful star like flowers.  There are also longer stemmed varieties designed for cut flower production, such as Nova.  We find the Butterfly series is long enough for cuts as it gets 2 to three feet tall.


Pentas like it dry and a well drained soil.  Let dry out between waterings but do not let wilt.   They will bloom very easily all summer long and hold up exceptionally well in the heat of summer.