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Peppers and More peppers.  We now have them in colors and such beautiful colors at that.  Purple, Yellow, Orange and Chocolate.  We like Chocolate Beauty, Golden Bell, Purple Beauty and Mandarin.  These are bell peppers.  Just for your information the colored peppers will never produce as many peppers.  The genetic background is just not behind these colors yet.  The green pepper I like is Lady Bell.  It is an old variety that sets peppers of a good size under adverse conditions.  Hungarian Peppers are long but relatively thick about one inch, they come in hot and sweet varieties.  I like the old time favorite Hungarian Wax.  These Hungarian peppers usually produce many peppers and usually more than even the Bell peppers,

 You just cannot stuff them.  Cayenne is relatively hot, about three inches long and narrow.  Jalapeno is a small oblong pepper and is relatively mild.  Habeneros are hot and need to be treated with care when harvesting.  Use gloves and do not touch your face or eyes.  You will regret it.  Let us not forget the ornamental peppers that are edible.  They look absolutely beautiful in the fall garden.  Medusa looks just like the name implies, many colorful small peppers looking up out of the leaves.  Chilli Chile is another ornamental pepper.  It is getting a little late to seed these but peppers like it hot and setting them out in June is not too late to get great peppers.  They  just need a little more water. 

Drop by in Mid May for all of the above varieties if you do not like to seed them.  We will have thousands of transplants for your vegetable garden.