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One my favorite plants is Marigold.  You may not hear this from many people but I really believe there are three kinds.  French, African, and a hybrid of the two called Triploid.  The name marigold has two origins.  The Virgin Mary supposedly used them on alters, and they were called Mary’s Gold.  The second origin came from the plant family of Targetes.  Targetes was the grandson of Jupiter.  The roots of marigolds exude thiophenes that kill nematodes.   They are often planted because they repel insects.


We like the Bonanza and Safari varieties.  They come in many shades of orange, red, and yellow, with a variety of flower types.


The Triploid has a flower that is a little larger than the French type but it has the advantage that it takes the heat better.


The African varieties are the ones with the big flowers.  They come basically in three colors with one exception.  Yellow, Orange and gold.  They come in heights from about one foot to about four feet.  We are in love with the new one called Sweet Cream.  It is a cream white flower.  Jubilee is the tall one we like.   Inca is the short one about one foot.  Just for your information about two years ago they changed the breeding from two feet on this one to one foot but kept the name the same.  If you were wondering what happened it was not you. 


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