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Tomatoes is the subject this week. 


My favorite old time varieties are Brandywine and Marglobe.  My favorite Cherry is Sweet 100.  I like Yellow Pear.  I like Patio tomato for containers and small gardens.  I like Floramerica and Celebrity as determinate types.  Better Boy Jet Star, and Early Girl are also fine varieties for indeterminate varieties. 


Seeding:  Take moist potting soil and make a small indentation with a pencil length ways and seed in this groove cover lightly and top lightly with vermiculite. Cover with plastic and place in a 70 degree area.  Once they come up put in full sunlight.  Brush the plants lightly with a light hair bush each day to help keep them from stretching so much.  Transplant from the seedling tray in about three to four weeks to a small pot.  Plant in the garden after the last frost free date.  Give seedlings as much sun as you can, brush each day with a fine hair brush, and keep evenly moist but not wet.


If using fluorescent lights use a cool white bulb and let them get a little sunlight from a window each day since they need the red pigment of natural sunlight.  I build a small A-frame, hang lights, and buy a space blanket which has aluminum reflecting on the inside to put all the light back on the plants as I drape it over the a-frame and at night let it drop down to help keep them warmer.  I keep lights on 24 hours per day.



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