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Week One  Can I plant trees yet, What is happening at the main garden center

Week Two Begonias good discussion about them

Week Three  Good discussion about Pansies and Violas

Week Four Marigolds more than you really want to know

Week Five  Moss Rose discussion

Week Six Pentas

Week Seven Alstroemeria

Week Eight Tomatoes

Week Nine Peppers

Week Ten How to plant in the summer using trees, shrubs, and perennials

Week Eleven Confusion and More confusion with Flower Names

Week Twelve  Perennials for the shade

Week thirteen  Organic Pest controls  We love them.

Week Fourteen Mulching and Watering in the heat of summer

Week Fifteen Japanese Beetles What to do

Week Sixteen Mums for Fall

Week Seventeen Bulbs for the fall

Week Eighteen Back from trip

Week Nineteen Frost and what to do to prolong the season

Week Twenty Fall Decorating and Halloween

Week Twenty One Halloween

Week Twenty two What can I do yet this fall