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Today is the last day.


You must act now!  Read this article and put the paper down and jump in the car and come on out.  Today is the last day of our America’s Best Dollar sale.  If you do not have any coupons you can always log on to our web site www.americasbestflowers and print a two dollar coupon.


We have wonderful pansies, lots of mums, lots of bulbs, and still plenty of  perennials.


After this weekend we do not go out of business we begin to get ready for our Halloween season.  We  have all your Halloween decorations such as pumpkins, gourds, straw, painted pumpkins, and Indian corn.  Bring the kids as they can go through our straw maze. 


We grow many mum varieties.  We have early, mid, and late season varieties.  You can find the perfect color for the entire season.