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This is the weekend it all begins.  America’s Best Dollar Days September 7, 2002 through Sept 15, 2002.  The icicle pansies and bulbs are here!  The mums are looking great!  We have many of other items on clearance.  It is time to clean out the greenhouse and get ready for the poinsettias and next year.


The icicle pansies bloom till the really hard freezes begin in late November or December and normally come back in the spring.  They work wonderful with the bulbs in the spring.  Just try it, you will love them with bulbs.


Don’t forget the October season with the fall decorations and the wonderful pumpkins.  We are working on a hay/straw maze for all the kids.  We had hoped to have pumpkin rides but due to the dry weather we will not have that this year.