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Let’s Talk Poinsettia’s


The Christmas Rose as they are called.  We are one of the few greenhouse in the area growing our own poinsettias.  Come see them growing.  We grow more than 15 different varieties in many different colors.  The season starts in June when we plant our ten inch pots, in July we plant our 8 inch pots, in late Sept we buy the 6 and 4 inch pots already planted.  The plants begin to color up in mid November. 


They are a long term crop that is relatively hard to grow.  Their native habit is Mexico.  They are not poisonous but the sap is very sticky. 


Colors now range from a purple, red, white, pink, rose, bicolor, white and red mixed, pink and white and green.  Leave shape varies from almost rose shape, twisted upright, and contorted leaves, along with the standard leaf. 


Did you know what we call flowers and/or leaves on poinsettias are in reality the small green parts we see just under the flowers on other plants.  They are called bracts.