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Wow!  Christmas is just around the corner. 

A lot of retailers just try to sell you stuff. 

We at America’s Best Flowers just want you to come out and enjoy the experience of being in a greenhouse full of Poinsettia’s.  We have an open house on November 23 and 24th.  It is hard for me to explain the pure and wonderful joy one feels as one observes a half acre of Poinsettia’s.  We have hot Cocoa and cookies for all who come.  Our greenhouses are alive with excitement.  The Very High ceilings put you in a winter wonderland as houseplant baskets dance overhead.  The ivy is calling out.  The Wandering Jew baskets are looking for a home.  The lights twinkle in the evening.  The Poinsettias’ Christmas Rose, Marble Star, Plum Pudding, Jester and many others are just waiting for you to come see them. 

Our year round events calendar is on our website. 

Come enjoy each month with us. 

This month come celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ with us. 

God Bless.  Edward Knapton.