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What are slugs, bugs, and bumps in the night?

 The bumps in the night are your significant other and unless they bite no need to worry. 

Bugs in general don’t give us much of a problem.  Even if you find a few bugs no need to worry since most plants will do fine with a few.  Bugs and plants you know have existed together for many years. 

My first recourse to help the plant out is to just use a water hose and spray the plant with water and knock them off.  I do this every day for a few days and this usually does the trick as the bugs find better homes. 

My next recourse is to spray with insecticidal soap or horticultural oil.  You can buy these from us or use a tablespoon of liquid ivory dishwashing detergent in  a gallon of water for the soap.  Spray this on the plants so it contacts the insects.  A tablespoon of baby oil in gallon of water with agitation as you spray works for the horticultural oil.  A repellent that works for animals and insects is one bulb of garlic and the Habanera peppers or suitable hot substitutes put in with two quarts of water and blended.  Strain this and spray on the plants. 

Most bugs are starting to get active now that it has warmed up. 

I like to use beer in a small jar buried in the ground near the plants for slug control.  They are attracted to the beer and fall in and drown.  Don’t forget you can also pick bugs and slugs off also. 

You can also do everything you can to attract birds to your yard such as planting plants birds’ love.  Perennials such as Aster, Coeopsis, Echinacea, Helianthus, Scabiosa, and Solidago.  We carry all these.