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 What are some hot tips?


In general I have found though they are a pain to use the powdered insecticides or dusts tend to give better and longer lasting control.  We are getting a lot of calls on Japanese Beetles and Earwigs.  Keep your eyes open.


Plant food is not as important as a lot of people think or as marketing people like to convince us.  Plants have a remarkable ability to pick the nutrients they need from the soil.


Water is much more important than anything else.  Keep most plants too wet and they cannot give off the oxygen from the roots to take up the food nutrients in the form of ions.  Keep the soil too dry and they also have problems because they have too much air and not enough moisture to move nutrients into the roots.


If you love looking at plants send me an e-mail and I’ll e-mail you some places to check out the next month.  There are a lot of annual trials during the next month within a hundred or so miles.