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10, 12, 14, or larger?. 


These are basket and containers sizes for the outside.


Due to the fact the basket or container is usually sitting alone and has a lot of air movement around it they need more water that a group of plants sittting together.


Unless you are home you need to buy baskets 10 inch or larger for the outside since anything smaller cannot hold enough water on a warm sunny day in July.


Remember that in the greenhouse industry there are no standards.  A quart jar of pickles holds 32 onces.  A ten inch basket varies between 281 and 450 cubic inches.  There are many different manufactures and each one has a different size.  To confuse the issue more each manufacturer has different sizes of 10 inch baskets. 


We use a Kord true 10 inch basket.  It holds the most volume of any 10 inch basket.  That is all you need to remember.