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What do the numbers mean?


36 – 10 – 36


A very skinner lady.  I don’t think so.  The first number represents the percentage of Nitrogen in the container.


The second number represents the amount of Phosphorus in the container. 


The third number represents the amount of Potassium in the container.


In a 100 lb bag of fertilizer 10-10-10 you would have 10 lbs of nitrogen, 10 lbs of Phosphorus and 10 lbs of Potassium.  The rest of the bag would be the filler and of no nutrient value.


The nitrogen is used for the green growth of plants.  The dark deep green color you see in plants is due to nitrogen.  Lawns require a high amount of nitrogen.


Phosphorus is used to build the structure in the plants.  If you can severely limit Phosphorus the plants will be shorter.  Cold weather causes a lot of plants to turn purple because the plant in cold weather cannot use the phosphorus and it shows a deficiency but once it warms up it goes away.


Potassium helps promote flowering in plants.  This is why you sometimes see a higher number here in fertilizers called blossom boosters.