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Petunia’s and more Petunia’s and where does it all end?


There are six general classes of petunias. These classes are Grandiflora, Multiflora, Floribunda, Miniflora, Spreading and Trailing.


Grandiflora petunias have the largest blooms up to about 5 inches in diameter.  The problem is they are much more susceptible to Botrytis and look very bad after a heavy rain.  We grow very few of these for this reason.  Common varieties of the Grandiflora are Aladin, Daddy, Dreams, Supercascade, Ultra and Titan. 


The next group is Multiflora Petunias,  which have smaller flowers.  Celebrity and Maddness are varieties of Multiflora. Multiflora petunias are much more resistant to disease and do recover faster after a heavy rain.  Floribunda Petunias are similar to Multiflora both in flowering and disease resistance.  Common varieties are Carpet, and Primetime.


A variety of Miniflora petunia is Fantasy petunias.   The Fantasy cultivars are the most common cultivars.   Fantasy petunias have many small flowers that grow in small mounds. 


Spreading petunias grow horizontally and are good for ground covers.  The Waves and Kahuna varieties are examples.  The Trailing petunias like Supertunias, Surfinia’s, Cascadia’s and others can grow up to five feet in length.  Grandiflora’s, Multiflora’s, Ground cover, and trailing petunias also come in double flowers. 


We carry all six classes of petunias and many colors.