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 What is the perennial of the year?  This is not a plant that lasts all year.  The Perennial Plant Association submits a ballot to all its’ members each year and a plant is chosen each year that has superior plant qualities.  We are members of the Perennial Plant Association.  We grow and carry about 1500 different perennial plants.  The Perennial for the year 2002 is Phlox David.


The following plants have been chosen in the past.  Echinacea Purple Cone Flower Magnus, Penstemon Husker Red, Rudbeckia Goldsturm, Shasta Daisy Snow Lady, Gaillardia Goblin, Coreopsis Moonbeam, Salvia May Night, Perovskia Russian Sage, Heuchera Palace Purple, Veronica Sunny Border Blue, and Sedum Autumn Joy.  Every garden should have these.