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Question?  What tales do Marigolds have to tell?

Marigolds have many tales to tell.  They have exotic names like French, African, Triploids, and Tenufloria. 

The French Marigolds have three flower types.  Flat petals, Round Balls, and Crested Round balls.  Colors vary from yellow to orange and almost to red.  Common varieties are Disco, Sophia, Hero, Bonanza, and Safari.  They all are around one foot but with vary from about 8 inches to 18. 

The African Marigolds are the ones with the big flowers sometimes 4 inches across common varieties are Prefection, Jubilee, Inca, and Antigua.  Height varies from one foot to over 4 feet.  Color varies from cream to yellow to gold to orange. 

The most common Triploid marigold is Zenith Marigolds.  The colors and sizes are similar to French.  They are a  hybrid cross of French and African marigolds and have better heat tolerance. 

Tenufolia are small flowered marigolds French in height, usually in shades of yellow but covered in blooms. 

We carry all four kinds and all the colors and all the heights. 

We have the absolutely beautiful New African Marigold that is Cream in color.

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