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When will it Rain?


Someday.  We know it always rains. 

We water our flowerbeds once a week with a sprinkler so they get about 1 inch of water.  That is the key measurement.  Plants need about one inch of water a week in this weather.  I tell by putting a glass outside and see how much water is in it when the sprinkler is done.  My sprinklers take about three hours to do this. 

On your container plants in the sun you need to be watering these every mourning.  If they are seem to be getting a little yellow you need to bump up the fertilizer.  Do it more often not a higher dose.  Remember to be using an acid forming fertilizer for your containers and baskets if you are using tap water. We have this fertilizer in the garden center. 

You can also buy new containers as we still have a great selection and they now are discounted $5.00 each. 

Just to see if you are reading the whole article we saw a new group of Geraniums called Survivors and a new plant called Dichondra falls an absolutely beautiful silver colored trailing plant.  We will have these next year.  

Remember in the heat you can still plant it just takes a little more watering.