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 Roses in general can be broken down into Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora, Floribunda, Climbers, Shrub and Miniture Roses.  David Austin Roses is small sub group of Roses from England that seems to have better disease tolerance and has some varieties in each of the first three categories but in general are not quite as hardy as some of the other Hybrid Tea roses.  Carol and I have walked the David Austin Test Gardens in England.  Romantica is another sub group form of Climbing roses.  Carefree and Meidiland are Patented names for groups of shrub roses.  They are both used a lot in landscapes as these shrub roses do not need to be covered in the fall.  Knockout rose is a shrub rose and very good and popular.  The miniture group we like is Sunblaze.

There are four major rose companies that we can buy roots to start our roses from.  Jackson and Perkins, Star Roses, Weeks Roses, and Arena Roses.  Most of the garden centers that sell premium roses do a lot of Star Roses.

As far as I know Star Roses is the only company that maintains a Test Garden on the East Coast of the US near Philadelphia and the famous Longwood Gardens   My wife, Carol, and I have walked these test gardens and it is amazing to see all the new varieties coming down the pike.  I like the test garden since it has lots of humidity and is a good indication of disease resistance and hardiness.  When they choose varieties we know they are good. 

I wanted to also warn readers about the Rose in the Pink pots or Carpet Rose.  We tried to grow these ground cover/shrub roses for three years in our garden and each year they died and they did get diseases so we strongly suggest you not grow them.


Carefree and Meidland series shrub roses are wonderful shrub roses that need very little care.  We also like Bonica and Knockout shrub Roses.


On hybrid tea/grandiflora roses there are too many to talk about but if the color catches your fancy buy it.  These do need to be protected for the winter.


I am sure we perhaps have missed some group but we have run out of space so more next time on roses.

I am sure we perhaps have missed some groups but we have run out of space so more next time on roses.


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