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What are Satellite sites?  These are our remote selling sites of Sears West Towne, Menards  Monana, Menards East Towne, Sun Prairie Rentals.

Unque annuals that everyone should use.  We carry a trailing plant called Wedelia.  It is more vigorous than Vinca Vine and has yellow flowers. 

We carry Persian Shield.  This a wonderful accent plant the gets about three feet tall and has absolutely beautiful purple foliage. 

Melempodium loves the heat and has many small yellow flowers.  We carry

Niembergia which takes the heat and is better than Alyssum in a hotter dryer location. 

Most of the African Daisy’s or Osteospernum don’t do well here but we found a variety called Passion Mix which is beautiful. 

Pentas another sun loving plant is absolutly great.  The New Look series is bad so we grow Butterfly series. 

Everyone should grow some Zinnia’s especial the new Profussions.  Nasturiums are another great plant. 

Thithonia or Mexican sunflower is great. 

Torenia is another great flower for the semi shaded area. 

Blitz impatiens is an absolutely great variety for the more difficult situations.  It takes more sun and is very vigorous but less flowers. 

Caster Bean plant is an absolutely shocker to the friends and neighbors.  It will grow five feet wide and high in a season. 

The Vista Salvia variety we carry has shorter internodes between the flowers so it is more colorful and a must for any garden.  Much better than the old Sizzler varieties.

Cleome the spider plant.  3 feet wide by 5 feet tall.  New variety called Sparkler Series is only 3 feet tall.