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 Wires, Chains and Plastic.  What the heck am I talking about?


Baskets of flowers come with wire, chain or plastic hangers. 


Chain hangers are the strongest but tend to fall into the basket so we have discontinued using them.  Too many flowers were damaged as the chain dropped and you had to hunt for it amoung the flowers.


Plastic hangers are very easy to attach to a basket and are the lowest cost.  They are very visible and distract form the beauty of the plants.


Wire hangers are stronger and almost invisible when looking at the basket from a distance.  It looks like the basket is floating in Air.


Wire hangers on baskets look like a ballerina floating in air.  Plastic hanger look like a dead man hung by your door.  You have to decide what appearance you want to give.


You can remove the hangers and use them for deck planters.  Terra Cotta colored baskets work wonderful for this.