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What are these Dog days of Summer?


Dog gone it I do not know.  Lets just say it is hot and we want to lay in the shade all day like a dog. 

Let us talk about all the wonderful things we have going on now at the retail sites. 

I know it is hot but we can still plant. 

 We have colorful annual 8 inch pots and containers. 

We have a tremendous selection of perennials in one gallon containers and shrubs and trees in containers so they can take the heat. 

Carol and I have just completed a perennial tour of the Chicago area. 

We also have attended the largest flower show in the USA in Columbus, Ohio.  We saw 1500 new varieties of plants.  I will begin reporting on these next week. 

PS. Don’t forget our satellite sites at Menards Monona, Sears West Towne, Menards East Towne, and Sun Prairie Rental. 

God Bless