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What is all the hot news about asparagus?

Did you know that there are male and female plants of asparagus?  Did you know that about 20 years ago they were able to get all male plants?  We probably had the first field of all male asparagus in Dane County in 1986?  Male asparagus yields are more than double the female plants and they bear stalks sooner and are much larger.  The Female plants produce seed and start little ones everywhere.  The neat little rows of asparagus became big patches.  We grow Jersey Giant and Jersey Knight, which are all male varieties.  These two varieties do well in our heavy soils of Dane county.  Use decomposed cow manure, mushroom compost, or composted Duck Manure.  We have absolutely the best, composted Duck Manure and recommend it highly.  Cover your asparagus bed with one of these products each year at a thickness of one to two inches.  Asparagus can be picked   when it comes up in the spring until the first of June.  After June first, cut it all down, every little bit, so no green is showing.  Spray the bed with Roundup and apply Preen.  Allow it to grow the rest of the summer.  Happy eating!