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 When will the heat end?

 I know some of you like the heat but I like the cooler weather.

 We are getting ready for the fall season.  We are putting out the wonderful fall mums.  The fall asters are coming into bloom.  The perennials Sedum and Russian Sage are looking good.


We grow 20 different varieties of mums so you have a lot to choose from.  We grow them in a two-gallon container so they have a very good root system.  They have a good chance of making it through the winter.   Most mums grown in smaller pots can be treated as seasonal annuals.  They do not have enough energy and root mass to keep flowering and develop new roots for the winter.


Our fall pansies arrive the last week in August or first week in September.  They are grown in Canada so you know they are hardy and have a good chance of making it through the winter.


We are starting to rip out our summer annuals and planting for the fall.  Now is the time to do it.  Come see us for your fall needs.