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Week One J. R. Love and soils


Week Two Perennials of the Year


Week Three What do Bones and a beautiful garden have in common.


Week Four Fertilizer what do all the numbers mean


Week Five Wires Chains and Plastic what does it all mean


Week Six Containers/Planters ideas and suggestions


Week Seven What does 10, 12, and 14  or larger mean


Week Eight Petunias more than you wanted to know


Week Nine Unique Annuals everyone should try


Week Ten Marigolds


Week Eleven Asparagus


Week Twelve Slugs and Bugs what to do


Week thirteen Watering is the key Lot's more information


Week Fourteen Traveling to South Carolina


Week Fifteen Dog days of summer


Week Sixteen When will it rain What to do


Week Seventeen Hot tips


Week Eighteen Late summer and early fall blooming perennials


Week Nineteen Roses


Week Twenty Early Sept


Week Twenty One Fall Sale


Week Twenty two End of Fall Sale Time


Week Twenty Three Trees and shrubs


Week Twenty Four Trip out west


Week Twenty Five Trip out East


Week Twenty Six Fall Party Time


Week Twenty Seven Poinsettias


Week Twenty Eight More on Poinsettias


Week Twenty Nine What Christmas is all about