Companion Herb Planting

Herb Companion and Effects
Anise ● Grows well with coriander, and together they are a good deterrent for snails and slugs.
Basil ● Improves growth and flavor of tomatoes. Indoors repels houseflies. Do not plant near Rue.
Beebalm ● Also companion to tomatoes. Improves growth and flavor.
Borage ● Companion to tomatoes, squash, and strawberries; deters tomato worms; attracts bees.
Caraway ● Improves the growth and flavor of peas. Plant here and there – loosens soil.
Catnip ● Plant in borders; deters flea beetles.
Chamomile ● Companion to cabbage and onions. Improves growth and flavor. Tea is good for plants as well as people.
Chervil ● Companion to radishes; makes them hotter and crisper.
Chives ● Loves to be near carrots, roses, and apples! Makes them grow and taste better.
Comfrey ● “Plant healer”. Good garden barrier plant.
Dill ● Helps corn, lettuce, cucumber, carrots, and tomatoes.
Fennel ● Plant this away from your garden – not friendly to anyone!
Flax ● Protects potatoes against Colorado potato beetle. Also helps clay soil.
Garlic ● Plant near roses and raspberries, and throughout the garden to deter Japanese beetles
Horehound ● Repels grasshoppers. Improves fruit yield on tomatoes.
Horseradish ● Plant at corner of potato patch to deter potato bug.
Hyssop ● Companion to cabbage and grapes, deters cabbage moth; keep away from radishes.
Lavender ● Butterflies and bees love it! Repels rabbits, mice, ticks, moths and mosquitoes.
Lemon Balm ● Plant with cucumbers and tomatoes.
Lemon Verbena ● Repels midgies, flies, and other pests.
Loveage ● Improves the health of all nearby plants. Invigorating to beans and sweet peppers.
Marjoram ● Companion to sweet peppers and sage.
Mint ● Companion to tomatoes and cabbage; deters cabbage moths; repels mice, and flies.
Nasturtium ● Companion to radishes, cabbage, and cucumbers. Repels aphids, squash bugs, and striped pumpkin beetles.
Parsley ● Likes chives, tomatoes, carrots, roses, and asparagus.
Rosemary ● Plant near cabbage, beans, carrots, sage; deters cabbage moths, bean beetles, carrot flies,
Rue ● Likes roses and raspberries, disliked by cats and dogs. Incompatible with sage, basil and cabbage.
Sage ● Good with tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, cabbage and rosemary.
Santolina ● Good with roses.
Southernwood ● Companion to cabbage; deters cabbage moth.
Summer Savory ● Companion to onions and beans. Deters bean beetles.
Thyme ● Good for most other herbs and veggies; particularly eggplant and cabbage.
Valerian ● Stimulates growth of all other plants and vegetables in the vicinity; attracts earthworms.
Yarrow ● Invigorating to cucumbers, corn, and other herbs, enhances essential oil production.