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Companion and Effects
Anise Grows well with coriander, and together they are a good deterrent for snails and slugs.
Basil Improves growth and flavor of tomatoes. Indoors repels houseflies. Do not plant near Rue.
Beebalm Also companion to tomatoes. Improves growth and flavor.
Borage Companion to tomatoes, squash, and strawberries; deters tomato worms; attracts bees.
Caraway Improves the growth and flavor of peas. Plant here and there - loosens soil.
Catnip Plant in borders; deters flea beetles.
Chamomile Companion to cabbage and onions. Improves growth and flavor. Tea is good for plants as well as people.
Chervil Companion to radishes; makes them hotter and crisper.
Chives Loves to be near carrots, roses, and apples! Makes them grow and taste better.
Comfrey "Plant healer". Good garden barrier plant.
Dill Helps corn, lettuce, cucumber, carrots, and tomatoes.
Fennel Plant this away from your garden - not friendly to anyone!
Flax Protects potatoes against Colorado potato beetle. Also helps clay soil.
Garlic Plant near roses and raspberries, and throughout the garden to deter Japanese beetles
Horehound Repels grasshoppers. Improves fruit yield on tomatoes.
Horseradish Plant at corner of potato patch to deter potato bug.
Hyssop Companion to cabbage and grapes, deters cabbage moth; keep away from radishes.
Lavender Butterflies and bees love it! Repels rabbits, mice, ticks, moths and mosquitoes.
Lemon Balm Plant with cucumbers and tomatoes.
Lemon Verbena Repels midgies, flies, and other pests.
Loveage Improves the health of all nearby plants. Invigorating to beans and sweet peppers.
Marjoram Companion to sweet peppers and sage.
Mint Companion to tomatoes and cabbage; deters cabbage moths; repels mice, and flies.
Nasturtium Companion to radishes, cabbage, and cucumbers. Repels aphids, squash bugs, and striped pumpkin beetles.
Parsley Likes chives, tomatoes, carrots, roses, and asparagus.
Rosemary Plant near cabbage, beans, carrots, sage; deters cabbage moths, bean beetles, carrot flies,
Rue Likes roses and raspberries, disliked by cats and dogs. Incompatible with sage, basil and cabbage.
Sage Good with tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, cabbage and rosemary.
Santolina Good with roses.
Southernwood Companion to cabbage; deters cabbage moth.
Summer Savory Companion to onions and beans. Deters bean beetles.
Thyme Good for most other herbs and veggies; particularly eggplant and cabbage.
Valerian Stimulates growth of all other plants and vegetables in the vicinity; attracts earthworms.
Yarrow Invigorating to cucumbers, corn, and other herbs, enhances essential oil production.

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